Momo MicroFreak Standalone & VST/AU Editor Gives You Full Access To All Sound Parameters

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Momo Müller publishes the first VST / AU / Standalone editor for the hybrid MicroFreak Synthesizer from Arturia with access to all sound parameters. 

The MicroFreak hybrid Synthesizer from the French company Arturia has quickly become an absolute best-seller. If it continues like this, it can become such a cult device as the OP-1. Even if a lot of MicroFreaks went over the counter, there is still no real editor for it. Our friend Momo just released a MicroFreak editor, which is once again very affordable at just under 6€.

The editor works in standalone mode without DAW or in combination as a VST/AU plugin. According to Momo, the editor gives you direct access to all parameters and you can generate new sounds with 4 random methods.

Arturia MicroFreak Editor


At first glance, the editor’s graphical interface is very reminiscent of the MicroFreak. It offers controls for the digital oscillators, analog filter, envelopes (cycling & ADS), key mod, arp/seq, and for the LFO. Further, there are two mappable X-Y pads onboard as well as 4 random functions. The latter can be found in the digital oscillator, cycling envelope, envelope, and in the complete engine. With this, you can quickly generate new sounds.

However, it is noticeable that the editor has no way of intervening in the clever modulation matrix or in the advanced sequencer of the MicroFreak. These are certainly two important features of the MF that cannot be manipulated here. So you can only edit sounds that have a fixed MM assignment and sequencer setting. Disregarding these two weaknesses, the editor can be used to record parameters in the DAW nicely thanks to the VST/AU plugin.


  • complex sound changes
  • direct access to the sound parameters
  • all controllers can be automated
  • X-Y modulation of all parameters
  • with the random function, new sounds can be generated quickly.

Momo Arturia MicroFreak Editor costs 5,90€/$6.90 USD and is available now for PC/Mac Standalone (32/64-bit) and for VST/AU plugin.

More information here: Momo Müller

MicroFreak is available at our partner


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