Blue Mangoo Software Releases Atmosphere Cloud Reverb For iOS

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Atmosphere Cloud Reverb is a new super lush sounding BigSky inspired reverb effect processor for iOS with AUv3 support.

Blue Mangoo Software has released Atmospheric Cloud Reverb, a new AUv3 effect plugin that is inspired by the Cloud reverb patch of the famous Strymon BigSky reverb pedal. The effect is similar to the hardware pedal but not 100% the same.

This processor doesn’t offer a pre-delay but the reverb starts immediately with a low volume and fades in after the note attack with adjustable fade length called onset time, which replaces the pre-delay setting found on other reverbs. This is nice because it doesn’t leave an unnatural empty space between the note attack and the onset of reverb but it still keeps the early reverb volume low so that the note attacks can be heard clearly.

Atmosphere Cloud Reverb

High Echo Density

Reverb effects typically take some time to build up echo density, meaning that the first few milliseconds of echoes sound a bit grainy. This reverb is designed with exceptionally high echo density right from the onset of the earliest reflections.

Atmosphere Cloud Reverb has two stages of LFO modulated pan effects and two stages of chorus modulation applied to the late reverb signal, giving it a big, wide stereo sound with gentle and complex side-to-side motion. The depth of these effects is adjustable using the mod control.

Long Decay Time

This plugin has a max decay time of 50 seconds, long enough for the most wet ambient music, and it maintains a beautiful, smooth sound throughout that entire time.

Blue Mangoo Software Atmosphere Cloud Reverb is available now for $5.99 USD on the Apple AppStore.

More information here: BLS

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