AU3FX:Space & Dub, Kymatica’s Best-Selling Effects Are Now Available As AUv3 Apps

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Kymatica’s best-selling and classic audio effects space & dub are now available as separate AUv3 apps for iOS called AU3FX:Space & AU3FX:Dub

I have a long history as an iOS musician. I started with synthesizers like the NLog Synth Pro with which I took my first steps as a mobile musician. Many years have passed. Today apps have a sound level that is on par with plugins of 200€. With the introduction of AUv3, iOS as a platform got really exciting. The most famous reverb and delay effects for iOS are now finally available as an AUv3 app. No free update but a new purchase, but worth every euro.

These are the effect apps by Jonatan Liljedahl aka Kymatica, who also developed the must-have app AUM. The Dub and Space apps were his first major successes, which initially only worked with AudioBus, later also with Inter-App Audio. These apps are now available in separate AUv3 versions, which means you can use them in multiple instances. We have waited a long time for this step, now they are here.



AU3FX:SPACE is a high-quality (32-bit DSP engine) real-time reverb effect processor for AUv3. It is capable of creating everything between small rooms, resonators, and infinitely large spaces. The app has a wide range of parameters to tweak which gives you a lot of sound design freedom. Built-in filters help to filter out certain unsightly frequencies from the sound. Makes the reverb all the more versatile. Some presets are also available with which you can play right out of the box.

I got the chance to beta test the app and can assure you. It sounds just as perfect, lush, and beautiful as the first version. Just now more flexible with the AUv3 support.



The Dub Delay app, loved by many iOS musicians, is now also available in a new AUv3 version. It is a highly-tweakable stereo delay processor (32-bit DSP), suitable for everything from clean digital delays to filthy dub echoes, flangers, and broken cassette tapes. It can handle so many different delay types because the engine is much more complex than at first glance.

AU3FX:Dub has noise & warble parameters for classic tape-style effects, filters in the delay loop for dub sounds, or different modulators (sine & random dual LFO) for flangers and other modulated effects. Stereo delays or classic ping-pong delays are also not a problem for the app. Thanks to the numerous parameters, you can dive deep into the world of delay. If that’s too much at the beginning, there are a few presets available for testing. Also here, I had the chance to check out the beta version, and yes it sounds as rich and deep as the first app.

Both apps are must-haves for iOS musicians. There are extremely many effects on the market, but these remain classics that you also need to have in AUv3 versions.

Kymatica AU3FX:Dub and AU3FX:Space are now available on the Apple AppStore for $4.99 USD each.

More information here: Kymatica 

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