apeSoft Releases Two Vintage Virtual Instruments (Accordion, Electric) For iOS (AUv3)

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apeSoft Accordion Vintage & Electric Vintage, two new realistic sounding virtual instruments for iOS developed in collaboration with sampling specialist Psound 

After numerous synthesizers and effects apps, Alessandro of apeSoft is now developing sample-based instruments. For this, he partnered up with Pablo Principi of Psound.

Accordion Vintage is a virtual sampled instrument based on an original Italian according made in Castelfidardo in the 60s years. The app consists of almost 1300 samples perfectly looped with 4 velocity layers, key-on, and key-off noises for a more realistic sound.

apeSoft Accordion Vintage

The sample-based accordion sounds are supported by a wide range of built-in effects: stereo delay, vowel filter, sterealizer, and classical/vintage reverberator

The second app is called Electric Vintage and is a virtual instrument based on a reproduction of a famous vintage electric piano (1976) with a full range of dynamics (from soft to distorted sounds), release noise and pedal resonance.

apeSoft Electric Vintage

Also, the Electric Vintage samples can be refined with different effects: tremolo, equalizer, slicer, chorus/flanger, phaser, wah-wah, stereo delay, classic/vintage reverberation, distortion, and pseudo-stereo.


  • Full Audiounit (AUv3) support
  • iOS Universal
  • Audiobus and Inter-App Audio
  • Audiobus 3 MIDI support and state save
  • Share Presets and Samples between App and AUv3
  • Keyboard Ribbon Style
  • Keyboard scales quantize
  • Full Parameters MIDI/LFO/Accelerometer mapping
  • Presets Interpolation Pad
  • MIDI Clock and Ableton Link
  • Record to .wav file
  • AudioCopy/Audioshare/Open In…
  • ,etc…

apeSoft Accordion Vintage & Electric Vintage are now available on the Apple App Store for $8.99 each.

More information here: apeSoft

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