With This Free Inkscape Extension You Become A Synth Panel Designer

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Faselunare and Soundmit simplify the development of faceplates with their new free synth panels designer extension for Inkscape

The developers of Faselunare & organisators of the synthesizer exhibition Soundmit from Italy recently presented Vega, a new 4 channel drum generator and their first Eurorack module. Now they are showing their next project, which is very exciting, especially for developers. They developed an extension for the free & open-source vector graphics editor Inkscape. Ok, that doesn’t sound like a synth project at first but it is.

This extension is called the Synth Panel Designer and gives you a tool in the hand with which you can design panels for electronic music instruments or effects. This is a super clever idea because often developers hire graphic designers to develop their faceplates. With this free tool, everyone can now make faceplates. Also, non-developers that want to show their ideas for modules.

Synth Panels Designer

Panel Design

It features templates for standard panels like Eurorack 3U, Eurorack 1U, VCV Rack, Moog, API500, or custom designs. Further, it comes with a wide range of knobs and sliders. From vintage to modern styles, everything is included. The tool allows you to draw any type of scale and ready to be printed or produced. The Synth Panels Designer features up to 130 parameters to tweak for infinite combinations of shapes and colors!

Recreate the iconic MOOG knob!

Recreate the iconic #moog knob with Synth Panels Designer

Gepostet von Synth Panels Designer am Samstag, 6. Juni 2020

At first glance, a very nice tool that will help many young developers to implement their module or synthesizer ideas.

SOUNDMIT, the cozy Synthesizer, and pedals fair in Italy will take place between the 14 & 15 November 2020.

Synth Panels Designer is currently in Beta stage.

More information here: SPD

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