Error Instruments Intros Baby 8 Pro, Step Sequencer With Glitch Fun

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Error Instruments Baby 8 Pro is a straightforward designed 8 step sequencer module with a built-in glitching function for unexpected weird pattern effects

There are some simple step sequencers for Eurorack on the market. Many are very simple and do their job perfectly. However, if Error Instruments is involved, it will not become a normal step sequencer. Baby 8 Pro has a nicely designed interface that offers 8 steps that are programmable in a circle of knobs that set the pitch for each step.

The direction of the pattern can be set with a big switch in the middle. Forward, reverse, and interesting random modes are available. The highlight of the module is the glitch button on the bottom with which you can add experimental glitch noise effects to your patterns. In random mode without a note for example, a new step is selected after every burst of noise.

Baby 8 Pro

I really like the interface of the B8Pro especially the arrangement of LEDs that nicely shows the currently active step. The module also includes a CV output, a reset, and a clock in. At first glance, a nice little sequencer with a very special concept. Simple but beefed up.

Error Instruments Baby 8 Pro Sequencer is available now for 159€ (including 21% VAT).

More information here: EI

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