Befaco Noise Plethora is out now, rich noise algorithms meet analog filtering

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Befaco Noise Plethora is out now, a noise generator on steroids with a ton of selectable timbres with analog filtering

At Superbooth 21, Befaco presented two new modules. The MEX trigger expander for the Muxlicer and the Noise Plethora. It’s a hybrid noise generator in a class of its own. For me, one of the highlights of the SB 21.

Befaco promised a release by the end of the year. And the information turned out to be true, even with all the delays that are currently happening from the chip shortage, delivery… Both modules are now available. Ok, MEX already in November, and Noise Plethora since today.

Befaco Noise Plethora

Befaco Noise Plethora

Noise Plethora is a 3-channel noise generator with a ton of selectable flavours aka algorithms. The latter are displayed on small screens so you always have direct feedback of the active algorithm. You can select the algorithm with a knob or CV-control the selection opening the door for crazy noise explosions. Each algorithm has a set of CV-controllable parameters (X/Y) with which you can easily shape the noise sources in new directions. And those with high programming skills can also design their own algorithms for it.

The strengths of the module is not just the colorful plethora of noise algorithms but the hybrid architecture. Beside these, each channel has an analog multimode filter (LP/BP/HP) that gives the noise sources warmth and an additional shaping option. Handy to filter out harmonic content from the noise sources making the whole textures more duller and darker. The filtering stage also offers CV control for creative filtering ideas.

And the module is very versatile. Primarily you can use it as a classic noise generator. So using it to add character to your melodies. It also work great as a deep noise machine for harsh glitches, industrial screaming growls, drones, and noisescapes. And thanks to its extensive connectivity (CV…), you can use it as a super versatile percussive generator for hi-hats, and more.

An exciting concept in my opinion that enriches the noise generator module market. Complex digital noise paired with an analog filter sounds like a winner combo. Don’t forget, we have this three times. That’ll be definitely a rich noisy affair.

Befaco Noise Plethora is available now for 350€/$349 USD.

More information here: Befaco 

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