Behringer Intros Analog Clone Of The Classic Korg MonoPoly Synthesizer

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Surprisingly, Behringer, today announced an analog clone/recreation of the well-known Korg MonoPoly Synthesizer in a small format. 

In November last year, I reported on the trademark entry of the Behringer MonoPoly. This was not a fake, as can be reported today. The MonoPoly clone from Behringer is true and it’s smaller than the original. The architecture of the MP is made up of 4 oscillators that can be shared in a 4-voice polyphonic, or linked in unison. This is one of the big highlights of this synth.

Further, there is a 24dB filter, two envelope generators (oscillator & filter) as well as two individual LFOs that can be used to modulate the pulse width, envelope, and arpeggiator independently.

Behringer MonoPoly

Behringer VS Korg

Visually, the original is very different from the B. Clone. The new version is smaller and more compact. Not 44 keys like the original but a 37-keys semi-weighted keyboard. The synth can also be positioned in three different angles.

Internally rather less. For example, there are no effects onboard or sequencer like on the Poly D. Well, there are oscillator effects (sync, cross mod) but no normal effects like chorus, delay, reverb… However, they have built-in a chord memory with which you can save chords. But there are plenty of connections on the backside like USB, MIDI Din, and CV connections.

Second Video

In the meantime there is a second video showing the Behringer MonoPoly in more detail. The video clearly shows that it is a 1:1 feature clone of the Korg MonoPoly, i.e. same features but no addons and a different housing.  The sound of this “prototype” version is already convincing. It sounds really nice and fat.

Availability & Price TBA

More information here: Behringer

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  1. “Behringer describes the OSC sync and cross mod as effects”

    Actually, this is how it´is written in the original … Behringer just copied it.

  2. LOVE my vintage Mono/Poly. Just installed the ModyPoly retrofit kit and I’m all smiles! I use the word ‘install’ loosely. The jack is hanging out the back until I get after the case mod necessary to add a jack. The weirdest thing about 2020 is that I love Behringer now! The RD-8 is jaw-dropping. If they designed this clone correctly, it will be necessary to turn down the master volume when really cranking on the self-oscillation output. I love that I can destroy equipment with the original, and the feeling of power and responsibility that comes with that resonance knob.

    Also, yes! Cross mod and OSC sync are totally effects! From a sound design library tagging perspective dissonant, atonal etc. From a historical perspective all the scuttlebug was all about how these electronics devices could influence simple waveforms to create complex timbral approximations of things humans were familiar with (ie: ohhh sonds like a saxamaphone!). Things that fell outiside of those goals were more BBC radiophonic workshop; sci-fi; radio theater; art installation; TAZ type tools. What a journey we’ve experienced! Happy to be here for it.

    Next I want a Jupiter 8. Then after that I’d love an original Memory Man bucket brigade with the rarified chips or something like it! To be clear, I want Behringer to make those, so I can afford them. CS-80 would be cool too… and some Oberheim squares would be a treat as well!

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