XYZ Synth, A Synthesizer App For iOS That Keeps You Moving

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XYZ Synth is a new virtual analog Synthesizer for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch that can only be controlled by the physical movements of the user.

Pablo Lopez has today introduced XYZ Synth for iOS. It’s a new virtual analog Synthesizer that has no normal operation. It is operated with the movements you make with the iDevices. For this, the app uses the built-in accelerometer technology of the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch and translates it into data

In the XYZ synth, the user can then map different synth parameters on three axes (X, Y, Z). If the user then moves the iPhone for example, the parameters change depending on how intensive these movements are. According to the developer, these axes offers precise control of the sound and let you generate new melodies instantly. An interesting idea for a synth.

XYZ Synth

The Synth Engine Features

  • X, Y, Z representation
  • X, Y, Z control pages
  • two Synthesizers
  • parameters:
    • base oscillator, oscillator 5th, sub-oscillator, noiser
    • filter cutoff, envelop attack, envelope decay, envelope sustain
    • frequency modulator, LFO amount, delay feedback
    • 16 steps sequencer, 16 steps arpeggiator
  • settings
    • transport, tempo, delay tempo, start/stop button
    • reset unselected parameter button
    • first steps tutorial

XYZ Synth is available now for $4.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

More information here: Pablo Lopez

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