Shakmat Modular Dual Dagger, Dual Analog Filter Designed For Stereo Sound Design

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Shakmat Modular from Belgian has today announced Dual Dagger, a dual analog filter with a unique design that shows its strength in stereo recordings.

If you want to add complexity or simply more variety to your trigger signals or your sequences, you will not get past Shakmat Modular modules. With his second module for the Superbooth 20 Home Edition, he shows a module that goes in the sound design direction.

Dual Dagger is a quite different dual analog stereo filter for Eurorack. Shakmat described it as a double-sided weapon, sharpened to cut low and high frequencies.

Shakmat Modular Dual Dagger

Filter With Stereo Features

It offers a lowpass and highpass filter section with controls over the slope that can manipulate stereo spectrums with familiar and appropriate controls. Thanks to two different filters (LP / HP), it is possible to get interesting results in the stereo image. Besides these, DD offers a bandpass function with which you can turn the dual filter into a flexible bandpass filter, with control over frequency, bandwidth, and independent resonance for each slope.

Another function to mention is the CV-controllable pan function that unlinks the cutoff frequencies for each side, which allows you to discover a whole new territory of stereo treatments. If you animate the panner you get very exciting filter gradients in the stereo image. The filter offers stereo in/out (2 in /2 out) and individual outputs for the lowpass and highpass filter. The module can therefore also be used as a classic lowpass & highpass filter but is way more exciting and unique in stereo mode.

A demo will be released during SB20 HE.

Shakmat Modular Dual Dagger price & Availability: TBA

More information here: Shakmat Modular

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  1. “individual outputs for the lowpass and highpass filter”

    Aren’t these inputs for CV control over HP and LP?

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