The Wavetable Oscillators In The Novation Peak & Summit Synthesizers Are Now Customizable

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Novation gives its Peak and Summit Synthesizer customers a wavetable editor for Superbooth 20 Home Edition in the hand and lets them sonically rediscover their instruments. 

With the Peak as well as the Summit, Novation has really great sounding hybrid synthesizers on the market. Desktop with 8 or the flagship with 16 voices. But what makes these synths so different and very appealing is the mix of analog and digital technologies. Digital “Oxford” wavetable oscillators meet analog filters and distortion. One thing has bothered me since the release of both synths. The wavetables were fixed in the engine and could not be edited or changed. But this is now a thing of the past.

Novation has today unleashed the oscillators in both hardware synths by giving the user the new option to design and exchange the wavetable themselves. This greatly increases the sound spectrum of the two instruments. For this purpose, the developers have published a dedicated wavetable editor that can be loaded on the Components website.

Wavetable Novation Peak Summit

Wavetable Editor, Travel To The Sound Peak/Summit

The new wavetable editor runs on the Novation Components’ browser-based platform and has some very creative functions. First, there is a waveform drawing tool & live edit mode with which you can draw your own shapes by hand and sonically previewed in real-time. Here you have almost endless possibilities to design new wavetables, which is great fun for sound designers. You can also change the oscillator shapes in a different way.

It is also possible to import audio files via a dedicated function and these can be then used as an oscillator waveform for even more sound possibilities. With this, you can import wavetables from other synths, especially software. How well WT from Serum etc. work is not known. It would be great if they work perfectly. Already integrated into the new editor is an audio selection on “space” from the NASA sound library including waveforms from space exploration records. For the next ambient space sound design attempts, there is enough content pretty sure.

Noisia Content

Also included is new content from Noisia, who has created a package to send users on a journey to explore wavetables. At first glance, I am very happy to see that Novation has released the true power of the oscillator after three years. How far the sound spectrum changes effectively and how new both synthesizers sound in the end has to be seen in new tests.

The Wavetable Editor can be used free of charge and is accessed on the Novation Components platform when Peak or Summit is connected to a computer via USB.

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