Birdkids °Grid, Bluetooth MIDI Controller With 3D Expression Is Now On Kickstarter

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° Grid is a new affordable Bluetooth MIDI controller that is portable, battery-operated and translates all your movements, touches and gestures in MIDI data.

I get emails from companies every day about new music tech products. But I am all the happier if one comes from Vienna, from the city where I currently live. Birdkids is a young developer company that has made a name for itself in the recent past with high-quality and noble-sounding Euorac modules (the Bateleur…). Now they are on Kickstarter again but with a completely different product. No Synthesizer but a new creative MIDI controller.

° Grid (offGrid) is a Bluetooth MIDI controller that is battery operated and completely customizable. It connects to any iOS, Android, PC, and Mac devices in seconds. The developers say that it connects faster than you can say “Pair & Play”.
birdkids °Grid

Pad Controller Of A Different Kind

The ° Grid interface is divided into two sides. On the right side, you have a 4×4 grid of pads and another grid with 2×2 of pads on the left side. Both sections are press sensitive, fully assignable and includes LED-backlit. Further, there is a multi-direction, modulation joystick (made in Japan) and a shift/secondary function toggle. So far it sounds like a normal off-the-shelf MIDI controller, but it’s not.

Birdkids’ new compact MIDI controller includes a new iNEMO™ technology based on an ultra-low-power, inertial module that is powered by an AI Machine Learning Core. It combines a 3D accelerometer and a 3D gyroscope to map any gesture to any parameter. According to the developers, ° Grid becomes a natural extension of your company.

Shake it, bend it, dance with it — °Grid will translate every movement, touch, and gesture with precision and fluidity — A truly expressive instrument becomes an extension of your personality.

Stay Connected & Creative

°Grid seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow wirelessly through Bluetooth (BLE) or via the onboard USB Type-C — Play keys, make beats, bend a string, compose & remix, launch clips, build 3D worlds, control hardware… It’s nice to see that Bluetooth and USB-C are used in this controller. Without a cable, the controller can be used for at least 10 hours on a single charge. That should be enough for all longer jams.

The main design challenge of °Grid was to bring ease-of-use and cutting-edge technology together in an affordable, pocket-size instrument. Our team went through countless iterations of form and function to arrive at the absolute essence of the product. °Grid lets you experience the rich world of creative Apps, as never before. Let your imagination and curiosity run wild.


  • 4×4 grid of assignable LED-backlit, pressure-sensitive pads.
  • 2×2 grid of assignable, color-customizable, LED-backlit, pressure-sensitive pads.
  • Shift / secondary function Toggle.
  • Multi-directional, modulation Joystick.
  • USB Type-C plug.
  • Primary Battery Clip (minimum 10h operation in full use).
  • Rechargeable Battery Connector (minimum 10h operation on single charge @ 2500mAh).
  • Bluetooth BLE (5.0)  – Ultra-low latency MIDI/OSC optimization
  • Machine Learning Core, low-power optimized 3D Accelerometer.
  • Machine Learning Core, low-power optimized 3D Gyroscope.

° Grid is a stylish but also very forward-looking MIDI controller. It takes classic MIDI  and combines it with new possibilities of today’s technology. All the fun is very affordable and is made in Europe.

birdkids ° Grid is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter starting at 79€ (early bird). Shipping starts in December 2020 and so perfect timing as a Christmas present.

More information here: birdkids 

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  1. I’m not seeing how this is any better or even matches what the ROLI Lightpad or the upcoming Artiphon already do..

    It seems like a not as good-looking, fewer-feature version of those.

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