Folktek Introduced 6 New Eurorack Modules That Look Like Works Of Art

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Folktek has today introduced 6 new Eurorack modules with a set of unique features and a super beautiful design. Those who are already working with these products, know that these developers do not bring normal modules to the market. Also this time.

On the table of news are two new synth voices (one more complex another more simple-to-use), a touch-based multi-mode filter, a dual re-triggerable A/R envelope generator with retriggering at any point, a VCA/mixer combo as well a delay/reverb modules based on 7 configurable delays. 6 exciting modules, which not only stand out due to exciting functions but also with their great design, almost like from another star.

Folktek Voices Anthesis Sift

ANTHESIS – Synth Voice

Folktek Anthesis is not just super beautiful but also a synth voice for the Eurorack format with dual analog oscillators paired with one another that can be played duophonic. It offers simultaneously and smoothly fading on the oscillators from square to saw to triangle to sine waveforms. They can make FM, a dedicated knob is on the interface. Additionally, there is a sine-based sub-oscillator and bandpass filter based noise generator on board.

On the modulation side, it offers speed control over the final VCA mix of all events with selectable shape (square, triangle, sine) as well as 4 AR envelopes, all triggered simultaneously and with a looping function. They control oscillator level, shape, noise level, modulation over final VCA or can be bypassed. Six touch-based switches offer more control options like trigger, loop, A/R speed, shape direction, modulation shape or A/R bypass. Anthesis comes with a wide range of CV inputs which are all attenuable as well as with individual oscillator outputs (square, saw, triangle, sine)

Voices – Synth Voice

If Anthesis is too complex or big, you can make friends with Voices, a smaller voice module with fewer features. Same as in Anthesis, it offers two smoothly “fadable” oscillators (square, saw, triangle, sine) with an additional sub-oscillator and the possibility to make FM and sync. The signal ends in a vactrol-based VCA (like a lowpass gate).

On the interface, you have a good selection of controls for osc freq, fine freq, sub level, osc 2 freq, osc 2 level, osc shape as well as FM as well as attenuable CV inputs. Good decision: every waveform has its own output.

Sift – Multi-Mode Lowpass Filter

Next piece of jewelry is Sift, a multi-mode lowpass filter with five different modes/flavors selectable with touch-based switches (normal, noise cv integration on the cutoff, square wave replication at the input, extreme resonance overdrive, and all modes combined). Sift has a vactrol-based output which, when plugged, cuts the output signal and only allows the signal to pass when it receives a voltage signal (trigger, gate, cv).

The benefit of vactrols is the unique character of the sound. The output can be also used as a VCA when the filter is used as a sine wave oscillator. Attenuable cv with a light indication over all controls.

ROAM – Dual Re-Triggerable A/R

Folktek ROAM is a dual re-triggerable A/R envelope generator with touch-based selectors of four speeds as well as doubles as clock multiplication and division. It offers rise & fall control parameters and the possibility to loop them. Further, it offers outputs with end of loop which means you can use them also as LFO.

Interesting and unique compared to other A/R envelopes: re-triggering can happen at any point in the cycle of the envelope, not just at the release. Super useful for sequences. ROAM offers a wide range of different CV I/O connections: CV out, clock in, trigger in, attack control (attenuable), release control (attenuable), end of cycle, inverted cv out.

Fusion – VCA/Mixer Combo

Another new module is Fusion, a mixer that acts as a four channel VCA but features a unique fader functionality with which you can seamlessly fade 2-4 audio signals on a single control, even with CV. Touch-based selector allows the selection of 2, 3 or 4 inputs to be fused with the fusion control and sent to a single “mix” output. Crazy is: you can send in a sequence and change or turn around the input signals, it’s like a triggerable 4 track.

Besides these unique functions, it can act as a mixer with 4 inputs and 4 outputs with CV control each, audio/peak indications on every channel and a mix output for the fused signal.


Palaces is a new reverb and delay Eurorack module which utilizes seven pt2399 delays. It includes bright and damp controls to create reverberation with feedback and size control to act more as a spring or a giant plate with stereo output. Exciting is here that you can customize the path of the delays that allows you to create a unique reverb effect (normal delays to very complex ones).

Also, it includes a harmonic distortion section that adds harm into the signal with which you can add dirty pitch-shifted effects with a tonal touch to your signals. Additionally, a vactrol is placed at the beginning of the path which allows one to cut off the input and introduce the incoming signal only as the vactrol receives incoming voltage (gates, triggers or cv).

Folktek Palaces Folktek Anthesis Folktek Sift Folktek ROAM Folktek Voices Folktek Fusion

Availability & Price

The new Folktek modules will be available to pre-order in Summer in an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Prices: TBA

More information here: Folktek 

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