WMD’s New Multi-Particle Percussion Module Fracture Is Now Available!

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WMD announced today the availability of Particle. It’s a new multi-particle percussion module for the Eurorack format. The included sounds (single impulse samples) can be manipulated further with 3 types of envelopes and filter as well as a built-in hall and room reverb.


Initially inspired by audience applause, hip-hop samples, and classic drum machines, Fracture is much more than another percussion module or ‘sample player’ for expanding Eurorack modular system setups since it uses granular synthesis techniques to generate a wide palette of sounds while maintaining a simple, intuitive interface. In itself, that’s no small feat. For granular synthesis is a technique that operates on the microsound time scale (specifically shorter than one tenth of a second and longer than 10 milliseconds, including the 20 Hz to 20 kHz audio frequency range and the infrasonic frequency range below 20 Hz); based on the same principal as sampling, samples are not conventionally played back, but split into smaller segments or grains (of around one to 50 milliseconds) that may be layered on top of each other, played at different speeds, phases, volume, and frequency (amongst other parameters).

Fracture features a number of other outstanding sound-sculpting tools packed into its slender (8HP width) frame, including a stereo output (OUT L and OUT R); built-in H (Hall) and R (Room) REVERB; two trigger inputs for different sound types — TRIG triggers a burst of particles and TICK triggers a single particle (independently of the TRIG input); three types of filter; three types of envelope; and a free-running, voltage-controlled ‘applause’ capability. CV (Control Voltage) over all parameters is also available of course.

Creating singular-sounding percussion that fuels fire for the ever-expanding Eurorack world is perfectly possible with WMD’s latest (multi-particle percussion synthesizer) module. Making room for Fracture is surely space well filled and money well spent!

Features of Fracture
  • Stereo output.
  • Control over “how many people” and ” how tight” they sound together.
  • Built in Hall and Room reverb.
  • Two Trigger inputs for different types of sounds.
  • 3 Filter types, 3 Envelope types.
  • Free running, Voltage Controlled “applause” capability.
  • CV over all parameters.

WMD Fracture is now available for purchase for an MSRP of $269 USD.

More information here: WMD 

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