This £10 Note Looper For Max For Live Allows You To Loop MIDI Notes In A Creative Way

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With the recent releases Samsara and Samsara LE, Dillon Bastan released very interesting granular looping devices. Today, he released in collaboration with Isotonik Studios Note Looper, a new Max For Live device that allows you to loop incoming MIDI notes. It features various behaviours for playback and functions to modify the recordings.

For a price of £10, note looper is a clever and very creative max for live device in my opinion.


Dillon’s on a roll, or is it a loop? Each time the Facebook messenger bings from him it’s anothert stellar MaxforLive device. Following up EcoSystem and Samsara was going to be no mean feat but Note Looper is so simple yet it delivers with style!

Note Looper is a versatile and ephemeral Max for Live device used to loop incoming MIDI notes. It features various behaviors for playback and functions to modify the recordings. Perfect for live setups and workflows for on the fly looping where MIDI clips don’t quite work.


  • MIDI note recording, overdub, and playback with a display.
  • Quantization options.
  • Phase offset.
  • Pitch offset.
  • Multiple playheads.
  • Interval spreading.
  • Volume dynamics.
  • Spray start positions.
  • Functions for altering recordings.
  • Duplicate pattern.
  • Shift/copy recordings at set interval.
  • Stretch/shrink note durations or recording length by set factor.
  • Flip notes via time or pitch.
  • Randomize time or pitch.
  • MIDI thru options.
  • Mappable preset system for patterns/settings.

Note Looper is now available for £10 GBP ex. VAT. from Isotonik Studios.

More information here: Isotonik Studios 


  1. Sigh… This is EXACTLY what I’m looking for… But I don’t use Live or have Max… Would kill to have this as a VST.

    A VST I’m using that is pretty close to this is but this max device seems more full featured.

    If anyone out there sees this comment and can point me to any other midi “loopers” along this line in VST format, I’d love to know!

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