Roland Updates MC-707 Groovebox To V1.3 With New Features (Note Repeat…)

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Roland improves its latest MC-707 Groovebox to firmware v1.3 with many new helpful features (note repeat…) and improvements.

When Roland released the MC-707 in 2019, many were disappointed with the missing features that were promised for the release. Shortly before the end of last year, Roland made a lot of customers happy with the firmware 1.2 which was an early Christmas gift for early adopters of the MC-707. With the new update 1.3, they added again many new features and it seems like they will release now regularly update for it, which would be very welcome.

The new MC-707 firmware v1.3 brings a new clip chain function that lets you playback a specified clip at the desired timing. The function is also made for creating a song that plays back clips in succession or use it to specify a fill-in. A note repeat function has also been added that is available the pad mode is set to chord on a drum track. The note is repeated at the chosen speed.

Roland MC-707 Update 1.3

The MC-707 groovebox has everything you need to create a song or perform a live set without a computer. Immerse yourself in eight tracks of recording, sequencing, synthesizers, and effects, plus a curated palette of sounds, loops, and phrases. Record audio and MIDI—with deep control over timing—and tweak the faders and knobs for that “in the moment” experience. With such massive potential, you’re ready to produce in any style or create your own new thing.

A new step LFO editor for the tone tracks and a motion drawer function are now available for more complex songs. Further, there is a new function with which you can edit your wav files before importing them. Here, you can apply processing such as normalize or slice to your sample content. Also new are note utility functions in the step edit screen with which you shift per example your notes or quantizes the recorded phrases to steps using the after quantize feature.

In addition to these, there are some new functions in the audio and MIDI routing area.

  • new MIDI in/out functions: now you can specify the numbers of the CC (control change) messages that are transmitted by the [FILTER] knob, [MOD] knob, and [FX] knob. The following items are added to the track settings (MIDI tab)
  • auto channel function: incoming MIDI messages are sent to the track selected by the [SEL] button. This function is convenient when a MIDI keyboard etc. is connected. The following item is added to the system settings (MIDI tab).
  • audio insert function lets you use the MC-707 like a mixer. Audio that is input to the EXT IN jacks or the stereo RETURN jacks is inserted before the MFX of the specified track. The following item is added to the track settings (GENERAL tab).
  • SMF import: a Standard MIDI File saved on an SD card can be imported into a clip.

Additionally, it now comes with a display method mode where you change the track view to multi or single. Multi displays two clips for tracks and single shows 16 clips in the current track.

Fixed Problems

  • We fixed the problem in which copying a step’s [NOTE] sometimes did not occur correctly.
  • We fixed the problem in which System Setting MIDI number conflict was not always shown correctly.
  • We improved the number of voices used when using samples on a drum track.
  • Fixed the problem that had caused hangups when the [FX PRM] knob and [FX DEPTH] knob were operated while switching MFX in TOTAL MFX.
  • Fixed the problem that had caused freezing when a damaged WAV file was imported.

Roland has updated a lot in firmware 1.3 update of the MC-707 Groovebox, which users will be very happy about. Even as an outsider without a unit, I find this a nice continuation of the recent update activity. More of that please,

MC-707 firmware V1.3 is available now as a free download from the Roland website. Roland MC-707 is available now for 899€ worldwide.

More information here: Roland

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  1. Along with the TR8s (which also needs some similar firmware update), the MC–707 is the best machine Roland have made for many years. Had mine 5 months and the possibilities with this machine after the last 2 updates are quite mindblowing. On everything from internal sampling to new tone design, Roland have (eventually) got it spot on. The MC-707 hasn’t yet fully taken off but it will before too much longer. If you can get one at a reasonable price, grab one now!

  2. I just now saw the v1.30 update is it to late to update that version…cause I can’t get it formatted the roland website?

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