IK Multimedia Intros T-RackS Space Delay, Recreation Of The Legendary Roland RE-201

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IK Multimedia recreates with T-RackS Space Delay a true legendary hardware space echo processors in detail as a plugin, the Roland RE-201

The Roland RE-201 Space Delay is one of the most beautiful hardware delay effects that has ever come onto the market. It is no wonder that it is often emulated by software companies: Arturia, AudioThing, Dub Machines, UAD, and now also IK Multimedia. The new T-RackS Space Delay is an accurate emulation of the famous Roland delay and recreates the detailed character/sound of it.

The developers use the same mix of dynamic convolution and physical modelling as in the previous Tape Machine Collection to capture the sound to the finest detail. Just as on the original, users can enjoy experimenting with three playback heads, the variable speed motor and engage the spring reverb to create everything from subtle space to rich, swelling echos.

K Multimedia T-RackS Space Delay


T-RackS Space Delay offers users a chance to enjoy the flexible controls and instantly recognizable organic sound of the classic Roland® RE-201 Space Echo™ delay unit, modeled with an unprecedented level of detail.

Like the Tape Machine Collection, creating Space Delay began with an original unit restored to pristine, factory spec condition. Every design element was carefully analysed, inspected, and measured to create a precise physical model of every circuit, from the preamps to the playback heads. The physical model, paired with a powerful dynamic convolution to capture every nuance of the spring reverb and other elements of the sound, results in breathtaking fidelity to the original unit.

Space Delay also adds several thoughtful updates for easier integration with modern production techniques:

  • stereo operation: pan each of 3 playback heads and the spring reverb separately for immersive stereo soundscapes.
  • input filters: use the high-pass and low-pass input filters to further shape the sound before hitting the tape.
  • ducking: create dynamic echo effects or cut through a crowded mix with this convenient ducking feature.
  • lo-fi effects: using dedicated controls for unit noise and tape age to easily add extra grit and grime to tracks for a more vintage sound.
  • flexible use options: Like all T-RackS processors, T-RackS Space Delay offers two ways to work: as a single plug-in, or inside the T-RackS 5 shell itself.

IK Multimedia T-RacksS Space Delay is available now in the T-RackS Custom Shop and detailers for $/€99.99.

From July 16 through September 15, 2020, owners of five or more T-RackS Singles and owners of T-RackS 5 SE, T-RackS 5, T-RackS 5 Deluxe, or T-RackS 5 MAX will automatically receive a 20% discount when purchasing T-RackS Space Delay through the IK Multimedia online store.

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