FAC Alteza, A Reverb For Dreamy Lush Sounds Debuts On iOS (AUv3)

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FAC Alteza is not another shimmer reverb for iOS with AUV3, but one that goes beyond that by offering more flexibility in the creation of super lush sounding textures.

Say hello to FAC Alteza, the latest AUv3 app for iOS from Fred Anton Corvest. FAC Alteza is a new reverb designed for super lush sound textures and dreamy space reflection. However, the developer says that Alteza is not another shimmer reverb for iOS. This is confirmed by the nice additional features that make it more flexible. For example, are the number of all-pass delays per stage and the echo density alterable in the section and in the feedback section.

Also, it offers ultra-low latency pitch shifters that deliver progressive pitch-shifting of the reverberation tail or two mixable input sources for the feedback section. If you don’t want to go deep, FAC Aleza can also be used as a classic shimmer reverb. In seconds, you can bring your instruments (guitar, synths…) to heaven, a perfect effect for making ambient or atmospheric music.

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FAC Alteza


  • True stereo reverberator
  • Amazingly lush and beautiful
  • Shimmer kind effect, harmonizer
  • Two ultra-low latency pitch shifters
  • All-Pass delays fine tuning of the main and feedback sections
  • Two mixable input sources for the feedback section
  • Independent Dry/Wet Control
  • Includes various presets for inspiration
  • iOS Audio Unit V3 – Universal (iPad/iPhone)

Sound Test Room

Here is an excellent sound demo by The Sound Test Room.

FAC Alteza is available now on the Apple App Store for $4.99 USD.

More information here: FAC 

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