TC Electronic Announced DVR250-DT Reverb With A Hardware Controller!

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TC Electronic’s latest addition to the TC ICON series is the DVR250-DT Reverb that brings the charm of vintage reverb processor to your DAW!

With the recent release of the TC2290-DT, TC Electronic has provided a surprise in recent months. This is the first product from the TC ICON series that is a plugin supported by a hardware controller. With this range, they give software an hardware feeling which is missing in plugins.

Today, the Danish company has expanded this product range with the DVR250-DT, a new reverb plugin that brings the charm and sound of vintage reverbs to your DAW. Also here, it comes with dedicated MIDI controller with visual feedback that allows you control the plugin completely. In my opinion, an interesting way of TC here. I’m just scared that then you have a big amount of these small MIDI controller modules on your desk. It would be also possible that TC Electronic plans a kind of case where you can then properly install all your MIDI controllers. Let see how many of these hybrid plugins will coming in future!



With its original fusion of software processing and a hardware interface, DVR250-DT captures the amazing sound and unique tactile controls of one of the best sounding reverb effects ever designed, the EMT 250 Electronic Reverberator.

In the hands of celebrated sound smiths, such as George Massenburg, Kendrick Lamar, Nick Hook, Brian Eno and Bruce Swedien, however, the legendary EMT 250 has branded itself solidly into the very fabric of music.

Like its 100 lb. forefather, DVR250-DT sounds absolutely amazing on everything from lead vocals and synths to drum hits and percussion. Actually, it’s the perfect match for any track that needs sonic perfection and a warm vintage vibe.


  • Desktop controlled plug-in brings iconic digital vintage reverb to your DAW.
  • Dedicated desktop interface with intuitive hands-on control.
  • Regarded as one of the best sounding reverb effects ever made.
  • Includes additional effects like delay, phasing, chorus, echo and space.
  • Combines unique operational features and superior sound quality.
  • Includes custom-built signature presets from your favorite producers.
  • Same reverb effect as used by world’s most respected producers and artists.
  • Input/output meters give straightforward monitoring of activity.
  • Adds a good sense of spaciousness and more- or less-pronounced modulation.
  • Offers DAW automation and project recall support.
  • Powered by USB, ready for Mac and PC.
  • Standard VST, Audio Units and AAX plug-in processing.
  • 3-Year Warranty Program.
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark.

TC Electronic DVR250-DT is available now for $349.99 USD MAP.

More information: TC Electronic

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