Waves Intros Berzerk, Super Versatile Distortion Plugin For PC & Mac (Free For 24hrs)

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Waves has released Berzerk distortion plugin for Black Friday with a Eurorack module like interface that allows you to create wild, deranged, creative distortions.

The Waves surprise to Black Friday is revealed and, in my opinion, one of the most exciting in recent years. Berzerk features 10 unique distortion shapes, each with its own personality. Some transform the sound to add grit, dirt, character; others will blow your head off. With an additional “Go Berzerk!” button, you can create random variations in each waveshape, letting you personalize the signal.

Further, it offers a unique feedback section that is like an on-board analog synth. It can either run a tunable sine wave through the signal, producing interesting bass lines, melodies or rhythms; or it can oscillate while “riding” the input—think crazy synthesized vocal FX. The additional dynamics section sits before the distortion and twists the character of the generated harmonics.

Waves Berzerk

Berzerk also offers unique M/S processing, distorting just the mids or just the sides when needed; a master Temperature knob to control the overall color and feel of the output; and an overall mix knob.

A really interesting sound-designed oriented distortion plugin. Do not miss downloading the plugin for free


  • Creative distortion plugin designed to inspire musical ideas
  • 10 original distortion shapes with wildly different personalities
  • ‘Go Berzerk’ button to surprisingly randomize each distortion shape
  • Versatile Feedback oscillation section with pitch/speed controls, int/ext sidechaining & more
  • Dynamics section to gate, expand or ride the input into the distortion
  • M/S processing: distort only mids or only sides, leave the rest clean
  • Temperature control to set overall signal color & warmth
  • Presets by Grammy-winning mixers Lu Diaz, Dave Pensado, more

Waves Berzerk is available now to download for free for 24 hours only. The price will be $99 USD.

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