Behringer SYSTEM-15/35/55, Moog Modular module clones now in bundles

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Behringer is responding to customer requests and is bundling its Moog Modular module clones in Eurorack into three new systems: SYSTEM-15/35/55.

Moog Modular for everyone and in Eurorack? Behringer showed us this last year on NAMM 2020 with its Moog Modular clones. There are now a lot of modules on the market and so far they have been convincing.

But you heard early on that many musicians were interested in complete bundles, as Moog used to do himself. Today Behringer complies with this request and publishes three systems: the SYSTEM-15, SYSTEM-35, and SYSTEM-55. Each system comes in a Behringer Eurorack Go! case as well as with the newly introduced CM1A MIDI-to-CV converter. A downer: the cases don’t really fit the systems if you know the picture of the original Moog Modular. A bit of a shame.

Behringer SYSTEM-15

The SYSTEM-15 is the smallest bundle that Behringer now offers. It features 16 modules including the 921 and two 921B oscillators, 914 fixed filter bank, filter, two envelope generators, two VCA, and more. The 960 sequencer is not included here.

Behringer SYSTEM-35

SYSTEM-35 is one level higher. Unlike the SYSTEM-15, the Eurorack GO! Case is almost completely filled with modules. It features 25 modules with 5 oscillators, mixer, fixed filter bank, more VCAs, and envelope generators,… Also there no sequencer onboard.

Attention for Thomann visitors. The online shop is currently offering also a System-35 that is equipped with other modules. It doesn’t include for example the new CM1A MIDI-to-CV converter.

Behringer SYSTEM-55

And everything that Behringer has published in Moog Module clones so far is available in System-55. It features 38 modules, up to 7 oscillators, 5 VCAs, 4 envelopes, fixed filter bank, the 960 sequencer & more. This set comes with two Eurorack go cases. They also ship with a new bracket to hold two Go cases together.

Three beautiful sets that can convince both sonically and visually. They would be perfect if they have cabinet-like cases like the original.

Behringer SYSTEM-15 ($1599), SYSTEM-35 ($2299), and SYSTEM-55 ($3599) are now shipping from the factory and will be available soon.

More information here: Behringer 

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