Threetom Modular Announced Steve’s MS-22 Dual VCF For Eurorack

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Threetom Modular Steve’s MS-22 is a new voltage-controlled MS-20 OTA-inspired filter with a unique modulation matrix. 

It’s filter time. Threetom Modular, a new modular manufacturer from Belgium has today announced Steve’s MS-22, a new voltage-controlled OTA inspired filter (MS-20). It has 4HP and offers a unique modulation matrix that simplifies mod workflows.

The module interface includes a filter in/out, frequency CV input, and auxiliary CV input.

Threetom Modular Steve's MS-22


  • Dual VCF inspired by the Korg MS-20 OTA filter
  • Low-pass into high-pass configuration
  • Innovative modulation matrix allows CV control over all parameters
  • Cut-off frequencies can be linked, resulting in a bandpass filter with controllable bandwidth
  • Bipolar monitoring LEDS for the LP, HP, resonance, and gain CV signals
  • One of the best functionality-to-size ratios in Eurorack with a width of 4 HP and a depth of 45 mm
  • 4HP wide, 45 mm deep (skiff friendly)
  • Reverse power protection

Availability & Price: TBA

More information here: Threetom Modular Steve’s MS-22

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