Tasty Chips Electronics Announced ECR-1 Convolver (Stereo Convolution Reverb) For Eurorack

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Tasty Chips Electronics ECR-1 is the first true-stereo convolution reverb for Eurorack that allows you to record own real-life reverbs.

At Dutch Modular Fest, Tasty Chips Electronics (GR-1 granular synth developers) has announced the ECR-1 Convolver, a new versatile true-stereo convolution reverb for Eurorack with advanced features. This type of reverb is actually best known from the VST plugin world but now the developers are trying to offer this technology as a Eurorack module

One of the highlights is the ability to record own impulse responses (real-life reverbs) of many places like tunnels, caves, churches, basements, resonators… in the device.

Tasty Chips Electronics

ECR-1 Interface

On the faceplate, you can see controls with which you can craft your perfect reverb sound. On the right side, it has a select knob for selecting the different samples, dry & wet controls as well as an built-in AR envelope with options to adjust the attack, release & position. Further, it has a stereo width like a mid-side with which you can go from mono, neutral stereo to exaggerated stereo.

Another cool feature is the ability to crossfade between two convolution files that make the module very versatile. It has also a pre-delay with up to 5 secs and a position function that allows you to focus on a specific part of the reverb. In the demo of BAMTV, the developer shows that it’s possible to make sweeps with reverbs instead of filters using the position CV input. Impulse responses can be saved and recalled from an SD card.


ECR-1 will feature stereo inputs/outputs (L & R) and includes CVs for the position, crossfading and stereo width. An addition auxiliary is onboard which is not yet implemented.

Availability & Price: TBA 

More information here: Tasty Chips Electronics 

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