Superbooth 23: Making Sound Machines Farbfilter series: new shapers for your rack

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Superbooth 23: Making Sound Machines, the makers of the Stolperbeats sequencer, have introduced the Farbfilter module series for Eurorack.

The market is now overflowing with Eurorack sequencers. They are available in all variants, from classic to Euclidean to generative ones. The German company Making Sound Machines, however, has developed a sequencer with a completely different concept.

Stolperbeats is a drum sequencer that can create shuffled off grid beats, so beats that are tripping over themselves. A totally original idea for a sequencer. For the Superbooth 23, Making Sound Machines announced the Farbfilter module series. Very narrow (4HP), colorful shapers for your rack.

Making Sound Machines Farbfilter Superbooth 23

Making Sound Machines Farbfilter

Not to be confused with FabFilter. This series is called Farbfilter and the name comes from Farbe which means color in German.


The first module “Farbfilter” is a classic analog transistor ladder lowpass filter for Eurorack. It gives you the classic rich warm sounds that we love all. The module offers cutoff and resonance controls. The developers also upgraded it with a colorful drive and CV-controlled resonance


Farbfolder is an analog wavefolder for Eurorack. It does this weird and wonderful trick of folding the wave at the zero points, “squaring” a sine off with more and more sinusoid edges, thus adding odd harmonics. I could not explain it better than this explication from Making Sound Machines.

Farb Highpass

We already have a lowpass filter. What is missing? Of course, a highpass filter. The Farb Highpass is an analog transistor ladder highpass filter and features a distinct circuit from the classic lowpass ladder. Also here, you can find an added CV-controllable resonance.

That’s not all, they also added a Tilt EQ allowing you to bring back some of the warmth back in, or even go lower on the highpass.


Last, but not least, the Farbshaper is a west-coast-inspired analog waveshaper module. In the traditional way, it turns a ramp into sine but is capable also to harmonics with other waveforms. So, it adds one or multiple wave folds to your wave.

The circuit produces opposite offsets internally, so the knob settings interact strongly and are fun to automate with CV.

First Impression

Beautiful, small, colorful, but also space-saving shapers for your rack. I like the Farbfilter very much.

Making Sound Machines will be at Superbooth 23 and you can visit them at booth Z361.

More information here: Making Sound Machines

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  1. > Not to be confused with FabFilter. This series is called Farbfilter and the name comes from Farbe which means color in German.
    Thanks! Noticing the title in the feed, I was wondering if it might be a typo. Then, glancing at the colourful modules, I got the reference.
    Wonder if FabFilter have a basis for a cease-and-desist.

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