Extralife Instruments Super Sixteen 64-Step Sequencer For Eurorack Now On Kickstarter

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Extralife Instruments Super Sixteen is a new compact hands-on designed Eurorack sequencer with 64-steps, dual CV/gate/clock outputs and nifty functions (motion recording, pitch effects…) 

YouTuber Matthew Cieplak aka Extralife has been documenting the development of its own Eurorack sequencer for two years now. Step by step he gives his spectators an insight into the development process. Now it is finished and is called Super Sixteen. It’s a compact 22hp open-source sequencer with 64 steps with dual CV, gate, and clock outputs. It offers a very hand-on programming interface or as the developer, it describes: “a unique 2-handed programming interface.

Besides the classic step programming, Super Sixteen features some clever, nifty functions that make every sequencer more complex and versatile. For example, you can activate glide/portamento per step or add real-time rhythm & pitch effects.

Extralife Instruments Super Sixteen

Another big creative function is the motion recording with which you can record parameters in your sequence.


  • compact 22hp footprint
  • patch memory for 99 sequences
  • up to 64 step sequence length
  • selectable scales and swing timing
  • motion recording
  • per-step glide/portamento
  • real-time rhythm and pitch effects like beat repeat and stutter roll

Extralife Instruments Super Sixteen is available through the Kickstarter campaign for $325+ shipping, and the first 25 backers will receive a 15% OFF discount. It’s also available as PCB and panel set for DIY enthusiasts for just $40.

More information here: EL

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