Source Audio Spectrum, A Stereo Filter Pedal With Deep Editing Possibilities

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Source Audio Spectrum is a stereo filter pedal that allows you to design your dream filter pedal with the help of the Neuro editor.

Limits and Source Audio do not match. With the Neuro editor, the UK-based pedal manufacturer delivers a software with which you can change pedals in details, which is almost impossible with other pedals on the market. How far you can go shows already the new C4 Synth pedal where a modular synthesizer is hidden internally. Now they reach for the filters.

Spectrum is a new full-customizable stereo filter pedal that is described as the most flexible and powerful stereo filter effect pedal of all time. Source Audio’s Intelligent Filter features 25 different filter effects, 11 envelope followers, 14 LFO waveforms and 13 distortion effects in total. That’s a lot to discover. Typical filter sounds (Autowah..) are of course possible with the Spectrum pedal but it also allows to add octaves and distortions.

Source Audio Spectrum Intelligent Filter

Little On Hardware, Much In Software

The design of the pedal interface remains true to its current line. Only four knobs are on the hardware unit with Input/Sense, Depth/Mix, Freq/Res, and Speed/Vol. An addition second level of parameters is available via the Alt button on the front side. The big fun hides internally.

The new Spectrum filter pedal is completely customizable internally via the Source Audio Neuro editor. Here the user can design his dream filter effect and import up to 6 effects which are accessible from the pedal. Presets can be changed with the 3-way switch in the middle which has also a second layer. On top, it features a total of 128 ready-to-use presets.

Further to know: the Spectrum Intelligent Filter pedal operates in both mono and stereo and is controllable via MIDI via Sound Audio’s own Neuro Nub. A very interesting pedal in my opinion, which brings the generally simple filter pedal a step forward.

Source Audio Spectrum will be available in September for a price of 229€.

More information here: Source Audio

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