Chase Bliss Audio Released Dark World – Unique Sounding Dual Channel Reverb Pedal!

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Chase Bliss Audio Dark World a new dual channel reverb effect pedal with super unique sounding character that you don’t find elsewhere!

Something is known: Guitar pedals are like Eurorack modules. They are addictive and there are tons of them on the market. Again, there are those that are more standard and which stand out completely from the crowd. A company that has created in the past very special pedals is Chase Bliss Audio, maybe not so known in the synth communities but one to deal with. Already the design of the pedals with many dip switches on the back indicate that you get something different than on normal pedals.

The latest release is called Dark World and is a dual channel reverb pedal with a super unique sound character. The pedal features a dark and world channel that can interact together. First impressions: full of life, sound design machine and not a typical reverb effect!


Chase Bliss Dark World


Dark World™ is the first fully digital offering from Chase Bliss Audio; a unique dual channel reverb that we made with a little help from our friends. Cooper FX is responsible for the “Dark” channel; a collaborative effort influenced partly by their Generation Loss and Outward designs. Keeley Electronics crafted the “World” channel, which houses three absolutely gorgeous Hall, Plate, and Spring algorithms.

Put together, the channels can be routed in 33 distinct ways, creating a stunning palette of reverb ranging from subtle, tasteful, and lush all the way to broken video cassette, glitch shimmer, and infinite freeze. Add all this to the dense digital control and full MIDI, dip-switch, and preset implementation Chase Bliss is known for, and you have yourself a very fun, powerful, and player-friendly reverb pedal in a small package.


  • 6 independent algorithms over 2 channels (Spring, Plate, Hall, Mod, Shim, Black)
  • Dual channel operation (standalone, series, or parallel)
  • 100% analog dry signal path
  • Save-able Presets (2 on board, 6 via “faves” switch, 122 via midi)
  • 16 dip switches in back of pedal for usage with expression pedal or CV
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input

Chase Bliss Dark World is available now for a price of $349 USD.

More information here: Chase Bliss

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