Mystic Circuits 0HP, Useful External Eurorack Tools Got A Purple Makeover

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Mystic Circuits 0HP are useful external colorful Eurorack tools like a VLPG, Vactrol Gate, LPF… without taking up space in your modular system.

No space in the modular system and no money for another case, no problem. So-called 0HP modules are useful little external tools for adding cool functions without taking up any room in your rack. Just recently, ST-Modular showed the Workmates, small, adorable Eurorack tools that you can solder yourself.

If you like it more colorful but not less useful, you can now get similar tools from Mystic Circuits. These new 0HP modules are not that new as they have been around for a long time. These have now been updated and got a striking purple case.

Mystic Circuits

Mystic Circuits 0HP

Mystic Circuits currently offers 8 different 0Hp modules:

  • 0ttenuator is an attenuator that can mix two signals together, send one signal to two places or attenuate two signals separately.
  • Envelope features three modes: with a gate signal, it’s a sustain-release envelope, with patched audio an envelope follower, or with a positive control voltage a slew limiter.
  • EYEtenuator is a dual playable sensor that allows you to control your synth with the power of light.
  • Vactrol VCA
  • Low Pass Filter is a blend between the “AND-gate” and Vactrol Low Pass Gate” module. The cutoff frequency offers auto-rate modulation and has a built-in voltage-controlled clipping circuit for further waveshaping.
  • Vactoral Low Pass Gate 
  • OR Gate allows you to combine different signals like gate or clock signals. The output will give a high voltage whenever a high voltage is present at either of the inputs.
  • VCA/AND: when a high control voltage is present, the input is allowed to flow to the output. When there is a low control voltage, the flow is restricted and nothing is present at the output. If you use a high-speed optocoupler, the module can create pseudo-ring modulation effects via audio-rate amp modulation. Using gates at both inputs and CV inputs, it can act as a logic AND gate.

Mystic Circuits Upgrade Case

Upgrade Your Existing 0HP Modules

There is an inexpensive case upgrade for owners of the first 0HP modules. Not only do they look better (purple/white, but they also protect the electronics form the outside world and prevent accidental electrical connection with wayward patch cables that previously could touch the inner workings of your 0HP

Mystic Circuits 0HP cost between $28 and $36 USD. The upgrade case is available now for $8 USD.

More information here: Mystic Circuits 

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