The Synth & Sound Pack Bundle ($10), The Best & Cheapest Way To Discover The Products Of AAS

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As many already know, I’m a big fan and user of Applied Acoustic Systems products. One of my favorite Synthesizers is the Chormaphone 2 percussive Synthesizer, yes a plugin. What they make exciting and different: they are based on high-end physical modeling technology that makes it sound very versatile and unique compared to other synth plugins.

So it is no wonder that I report also about the “Pay What You Want” Synth & Sound Pack Bundle by Applied Acoustics Systems which is only available for the next hours. The bundle features 2 synth plugins (Ultra Analog Session & Strum Session) as well as 12 sound libraries that can be played with the Synthesizers (full versions) or with the free AAS Player.

AAS Synth & Sound Pack Bundle

The content changes how much you are willing to pay. If you pay less than $10.62, you get in total 10 products, you pay more, you get the entire bundle with 14 products.

The Bundle Features

  • Strum Session Synth Pack: $33
  • Kinetix Sound Pack: 39
  • Ultra Analog Session Synth Pack: $33
  • Multiverse Sound Pack: $39
  • Microsound Textures Sound Pack: $39
  • Frontier Sound Pack: $39
  • Pop Rocks Sound Pack: $39
  • Starlight Sound Pack: $39
  • Analog Essentials Sound Pack: $39
  • Ultra FX Sound Pack: $39
  • Angelicals Sound Pack $39
  • Cinematheque Sound Pack: $39
  • Synbiosis Sound Pack: $39
  • Journeys Sound Pack: $39

Who Is The Bundle For?

The bundle is perfect for musicians who like to get to know the world of Applied Acoustics Systems without spending a lot of money immediately. If you do not have the full-featured versions, you can play the sound packs in the free AAS Player plugin. Unfortunately, there are no parameters but it has many unique sounds to make music.

But it is also perfect for music producers who already have the products of AAS but want to expand their virtual instrument with many new sounds. There are many sound packs for Ultra Analog VA-2, Chromaphone 2, String Studio VS-3 and more. Don’t forget, one sound pack cost $39 USD regular and here you get 12 sound packs for $10, no a bad deal.

Upgrade To The Flagship Products Is Possible!

Anyone who enjoys the instruments and sounds can even upgrade from the two session instruments. Currently in the summer sale, the upgrade costs:

For relatively little money you can even upgrade to the big version. It’s not an absolute must, but if you want to benefit fully from all the included sounds, I recommend to check out also these.

By and large, I can only recommend this bundle. It gives a nice overview of the AAS products but also a great way for existing customers to get new sounds.

The Synth & Sound Pack By Applied Acoustics Systems is available now until July 17th, 2019.

Available here

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