The Superbooth Loop 2020 Problem: Two Events In A Week You Can Not Fully Visit

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Interesting news comes from Berlin. The annual Synthesizer show Superbooth by Herr Schneider will take place next year at the end of April. In the same week, the next edition of the Ableton Loop event will take also place. Two important music tech events in one week sound promising since you are in the same city.

Superbooth 2020 Loop 2020

The problem is: both events overlap in time. Superbooth 2020 will be 23-25 April 2020 and Ableton Loop on 24-26 April 2020. Who wants to visit both events, have to decide what he prefers. A hardware dominated Synthesizer event or an event for in-depth seminars about Ableton Live and music production.

For visitors of booth events, certainly a difficult decision. Since both are in the same week and take place together, it leads to an information overkill. Or was it a clever move by Ableton: “let’s organize Loop 2020 during Superbooth 2020, then the important personalities are in Berlin anyway. Or was the planning pure coincidence?

In my opinion, Ableton should opt for a different date. They make too much competition with each other for the events because on Ableton Loop there is always also a little gear corner. My two pennies about this Superbooth Loop 2020 problem. Check out the SYNTH ANATOMY event calendar with all music tech events around the world.

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