accSone Crusher-X 8 Granular Synth Brings Grain Controlled Oscillators, Scalable UI & More

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accSone has released Crusher-X 8, a new version of its excellent granular Synthesizer plugin. Crusher-X 8 features new grain controlled oscillators (GCO), DCO Sample-Player, a scalable UI and more.

accSone Crusher-X 8

New Features

  •  GCO-Mixing and GCO-Pitch Grain Modulating as a Grain Controlled Oscillator. Multiple waveforms, spline, and sound file grain print-in
  • Offset Grain Modulating: Controls the offset of grain creation between the Generators – replaces static Generator Offset control
  • Crush-B Grain Modulator: Grain controlled fractional bit crusher
  • GUI Scale option in settings (e.g. small, medium, big, huge)
  • Envelope Follower Grain Modulator source with free editable spline mapping
  • Arpeggiator Modes Scaled, Key and Octaved for Speed, GCO-Pitch and Filter-Cut Grain Modulators
  • Visual Feedback for Arpeggiator modes on the Keyboard
  • “no pitch” MIDI modes (e.g. to use together with the Grain Modulation Arpeggiator)
  • Waveform selector to DCO
  • Sample loading to DCO and GCO; the DCO turns into a loop sample player with variable pitch
  • Free Spline editing for DCO and GCO Waveforms
  • Active LFOs indicator in Grain Modulation / LFOs & Adore parameter View
  • Missing Buffer File warning message in Grain View
  • <Loop> button for setting convenient Buffer File looping (we have removed automatic loop setting after buffer file loading)
  • and much more…

accSone Crush-X 8 plugin is available now as a download for 259€ and crossgrade/upgrade for 89€.

More information here: accSone 

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