Supercritical Introduced 16 Voice Demon Core Oscillator & Expander

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New synthesizer companies are particularly noticeable in recent times, mainly because of their unusual names. From Superlative to Supercritical Synthesizers. The latter is the name of a new company from Finland that builds Eurorack modules. They have today announced two new modules: the 16 voice demon core oscillator and demon core expander. The main module is a DCO and offers 16 oscillators with either sawtooth or pulse waveforms which can be stacked in unison or in octaves.

To add more character to the 16 Voice Core oscillator, it offers also a static detune spread and a CV controllable core stability feature similar to Sequential Synthesizers. It introduces VCO-like pitch drift and jitter, allowing the module to sound like 80’s polysynths.  Also onboard are 1V/octave input, pitch tuner, linear FM, PWM, sync, and more.

Supercritical Synthesizers

Demon Core Expander module brings polyphonic control to the Demon Core oscillator. The stacks can be divided between up to 16 polyphonic voices via MIDI or four 1V/oct inputs with attenuator. The oscillator can be set in continuous streaming mode or in MIDI gating mode with an ADSR envelope for each polyphonic voice. The time sync can be also triggered via MIDI for each voice and the phase sync time can be adjusted from past to future. The expander provides a handy MIDI interface and some extra CV controls.

16 Voice Demon Core Oscillator Features

  • 12hp, skiff friendly with 25mm depth.
  • 120mA +12V and 20mA -12V
  • 16 configurable voices (octave, stacks)
  • Saw and pulse waves with PWM ranging from 0-100%
  • Coarse tune for 6 octave range with half-step increments
  • Fine tune for ± half step range
  • A blinking tuning indicator for finding C note in every octave and A440 fine tuning
  • 1V/oct master pitch CV
  • Linear FM CV (±8V) with attenuator
  • Combined Spread / PWM CV (±8V) with offset function
  • Stability CV (±8V) with offset function
  • Trigger input for synchronizing the phases for all waves
  • Mono audio output
  • A function (shift) button to do magic for different controls!
  • Software updates via audio
  • Secure shrouded power connector with a supplied power cable

16 Voice Demon Core Expander Features

  • 8hp, skiff friendly with 25mm depth.
  • Powers from main module, connects via supplied ribbon cable
  • Connected, the oscillator draws now 130mA +12V and 30mA -12V
  • MIDI interface with bipolar TRS-connector
  • MIDI thru, polarity set with jumpers on the back
  • MIDI channel learn function with pitch bend setting
  • Gate output, 5v 4ms trigger in retrig
  • Configurable polyphony, ADSR envelope for each voice
  • Four pitch CVs (±8V) with global attenuator
  • Control for phase sync timing

Supercritical Synthesizers Demon Core Oscillator & Expander will be available in May-June 2019 and price TBA

More information here: Supercritical 

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