The Soma Labs Story, An Insight Into Vlad Kreimer’s Wonderful World Of Synthesizers & PULSAR-23 Demo

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There are the big Synthesizer manufacturers (Roland, KORG, Yamaha…), but also those like Soma Labs, who can score with a lot of character and personality. The most exciting and unique instruments come exactly from these companies. Without much marketing activities, the instruments speak for themselves. With Vlad Kreimer, the Synthesizer industry has gotten a new impressive developer in recent years, bringing fresh air to the market.

First products like the Lyra-8 organic drone Synthesizer or the very unique PIPE voice/breath/month-controlled dynamic FX processor/Synthesizer are a big success. At Superbooth 19, Soma Labs presented the PULSAR-23, a new experimental drum machine with a semi-modular structure.

Soma Labs PULSAR-23

No Sequencer

It consists of 23 independent patchable modules ranging from 4 drum channels (drum, bass/percussion, snare, cymbals/hi-hat), 4 envelope generators, 4 independent loop recorders, clock generator, distortion, 2 CV-controlled gates & more. What is clearly different here compared to classic drum machines: there is no sequencer to program the sounds. Here the sounds are recorded in 4 independent trigger events looper with which you can create sequenced drums.

Also, there is no running light, but for each sound module, an add and delete tactile surface. For the musicians with high knowledge of electronics, PULSAR-23 offers the possibility to circuit bend the engine.

Interview & PULSAR-23 Demo

On Superbooth 19, I had the opportunity to interview longer Vlad Kreimer and talk about his developer approach and ideas. In this conversation, he also showed me the PULSAR-23 and explain where the idea came from. There are also some sounds to be heard between the conversation.

One thing I can say: PULSAR-23 is probably the craziest drum machine I’ve ever heard. It has a lot of character, can create chaotic sounds but still sounds awesome and is not predictable as classic DM. For me, my highlight of the Superbooth 19.

Soma Labs PULSAR-23 will be available in the end of Summer/Autumn 2019 for an expected price of 1785€ (VAT included – Schneiderslanden). The drum machine will be manufactured in Russia and Poland.

More information here: Soma Labs

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