Airwindows Released Dyno, Free Waveshaper Effect VST/AU Plugin

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Airwindows has today released Dyno, a new free waveshaper effect plugin for Windows, Mac, and Linux. As usual: the main feature packed into a simply designed interface.

Airwindows Dyno


 Dyno is a lot like Mojo, but for intensity instead of loudness.

It’s similar in some ways to Mojo (from last week), but Dyno has a completely different character. Instead of loudenating, it ‘intensenates’. It’s a little bit like Remap in that way, but it’s not the same as Remap. You won’t get a volume boost out of it really, nor will it let you slam it for fatter peaks. Instead, it brings fire and intensity to the audio and reshapes the waveform in a Mojo-like ‘evolution of Spiral’ way. Because it doesn’t take to slamming in the same way, it’s going to be a more subtle effect, but for those who got excited by Remap, this one deserves your attention.

Airwindows Dyno (VST/AU) is available now as a free download  Don’t forget to check out the other plugins of Chris including BassDrive, Biquad, DeHiss, ReRez2, Mojo, Podcast, and many more. If you enjoy these plugins, please support his work on Patreon so he can release in future more free plugins.

More information here: Airwindows 

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