Feedback LFO-10, ENV-100 & ENV-300, Three New Low-Budget Eurorack Modules

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Feedback Modules shows three new simple and super affordable Eurorack modules including an LFO (LFO-10) and two envelopes (ENV-100/ENV-300).

Eurorack can get expensive quickly. Behringer made Eurorack very cheap with its Moog and Roland module clones. However, there are other manufacturers who can keep the price, even without DIY.

Feedback Modules, for example, offers very inexpensive and great modules for beginners. Now they added three new affordable releases to its portfolio.

Feedback Modules LFO-10

Feedback LFO-10 & ENV-100

Feedback LFO-10 (6HP) is a simple, affordable LFO for the Eurorack format that is inspired by the famous Korg MS synthesizers from the seventies. Like the vintage synths, the module has controls for frequency & waveform, and separate outs for pulse and triangle waveforms out. The highlight of this module is the waveform knob with which you can morph through different shapes.

The Eurorack adaption has also some additional features. It adds a switch for the range (low & high), the outputs are buffered to get enough power, and dedicated LEDs for the waveforms.

ENV-100 is super straightforward and according to the developer the fasted envelope generator in the modular world. That makes a Japanese design from the 70s possible. It has a compact form factor of 6HP and includes the common envelope functionalities. Full control over the attack, decay, sustain, and release stages, as well as a time switch for fast/slow envelope times. On the connection side, it has an output plus a handy inverted output.

Feedback Modules ENV-310

Feedback ENV-310

ENV-310 is another simple envelope that is based on the AS3310 chip which is a Curtis CEM3310 replica. Like the ENV-100, it has full control over every envelope stage but it’s not limited to this. It has three different modes to choose from: normal is a classic ADSR envelope, damped an ADRR piano envelope approximation, and auto. In the latter, a short gate will cycle the envelope shaper through a complete ADR envelope. Plus it has an additional trigger input for multiple peak envelopes.

At first look, very lovely, simple modules at a low price.

The new Feedback Modules costs: LFO-10 (35€/17€ DIY), ENV-100 (45€/17€ DIY) & ENV-300 (50€/20€ DIY).

More information here: Feedback Modules

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