PEEPS, A New Axoloti Based DIY Synthesizer With A Lovely Vintage Look

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S8JFOU, a music producer and YouTuber has created in the past month a lovely looking handmade Synthesizer with a vintage look. It is called PEEPS and is small, but it can do a lot. It’s based on an Axoloti core which is a hardware modular synth (around 65€) with his own Axoloti Patcher. With the latter, the user can design own Synthesizer patches like on the Nord G-series modular Synthesizers.

PEEPS is 4-voice polyphonic with three oscillators per voice, a 2-pole lowpass filter, and an LFO. These voices are supported by a Mutable Instruments Braids FM based oscillator which is doing drone sounds also with a lowpass filter. To refine the sounds, the synth comes with a built-in tape delay and reverb. The virtual analog block is routed in both effects, the FM block only in the reverb. Both effects can be used also as an effect processor with the built-in external audio input.

PEEPS Handmade Synthesizer

To control the sound, PEEPS has 15 built-in knobs and a 13-keys keyboard with an arpeggiator. Very smart is the fact that you can power it also with a portable battery. In total. a cute looking little Synthesizer that shows nicely how versatile you can use the 65€ Axioloti core. Here are all the features.


  • Axoloti core
  • 4 voices polyphony
  • 3 oscillators on each voices
  • 2 voices are detunable
  • 2 pole lowpass filter
  • tape delay with time, feedback and mix
  • reverb with time and mix
  • LFO
  • Mutable Instruments Braids FM based oscillator doing drone + 2 pole lowpass filter, pitch and volume
  • MI voice doesn’t go through the tape delay, only through the reverb
  • Keyboard with 13 keys with arpeggiator, octave switch and sustain
  • The arpeggiator can be sync via MIDI In / Gate in + accept Eurorack clock in
  • USB host for an external controller
  • Battery powered with an external battery
  • The clock input can be used as an external audio input + access to the tape delay & reverb
  • Audio output 6,35 mm and headphones stereo 3.5 mm

PEEPS is not a commercial product but S8JFOU says that he’s happy to build one for interested people.

More information here: S8JFOU

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