MiniNova iPad Editor For MIDI Designer By Jakob Haq!

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Jakob Haq MiniNova iPad Editor works with the MIDI Designer app, is free and gives you control over many parameters of the MiniNova Synthesizer from Novation!

A few months ago, YouTuber Jakob Haq has published an editor for the IK Multimedia UNO Synth analog Synthesizer. Now he has made again an editor for iPad with the MIDI Designer app for the MiniNova Synthesizer from Novation.

The new editor gives you the option to control near all parameters of the synth engine of the MiniNova. Some parameters are missing due of hardware or software limitations.

Jakob Haq MiniNova iPad Editor


Hello there MiniNova lover, Jakob haQ from haQ attaQ here. I want to thank you for checking out this midi controller template and I hope you spread the word about it to other MiniNova users. This one is one of the biggest ones I’ve made so far during all my years working with Synthesizers. I spent about 8-10 hours each day that I worked on this. About 40 days in total spread out over the year (2018) amounting to about 350 hours of hard core template building.

Now I tried to make this template 100% complete but was unable to due to some functions not working correctly, or some functions that just didn’t make any sense to map out.

Here’s what’s missing:

  • Modulation ctrl
  • Breath ctrl
  • Expression ctrl
  • Keyboard octave switch
  • Vocoder spectrum resampling ctrl
  • Chorder keyboard ctrl
  • Tweaks ctrl menu
  • Global MIDI channel selector
  • Patch bank selector
  • Patch/Preset selector


There are some issues when controlling the template from the MiniNova itself related to some of the buttons (buttons using the NRPN address MSB 0 – LSB 122). When activating these buttons from the MN interface all of the buttons on the template with this address will activate. It’s a real pain. I could fix this by deactivating the “MIDI read” option for these buttons, but I haven’t done that yet because I’m still pondering adding a “fetch patch data” option for the template. I order for such a function to work I need all controllers to have the “MIDI read” activated.

The only way of getting around this completely right now since these buttons do read MIDI, is to not connect a midi in cable from the iPad to the MIDI out on the MN at all. All programming has to be done from this MIDI Designer Pro template. I’ll look into this issue and I hope there’s another way of solving it in the future.

The Jakob Haq MiniNova iPad MIDI Patch Editor is available now on the MIDI Designer website.

More information here: MIDI Designer

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