Behringer Announces ARP 2500 Clone In Eurorack Module Format

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Behringer announces ARP 2500 modular analog Synthesizer clone for the Eurorack format and makes it available for the masses

I think every Synthesizer enthusiast should have noticed that Behringer has cloned numerous legendary instruments from the past. All a fraction cheaper than the originals. Some already exist (Model D, Pro One, Wasp Deluxe, K2, TD-3, RD-8…) and many other are in development (ARP 2600, MonoPoly, VCS3…).

As usual at Behringer, they announce new products, although numerous others are not yet on the market. Again now. After the Odyssey and 2600 (in development), they announced a reproduction of one of the most complex ARP synthesizers, the ARP 2500. The 2500, however, takes a different route than the 2600. This will not be a desktop instrument but will be released as a completely modular synthesizer like the original. In this case, all modules of the original are re-engineered and shrunk into the Eurorack format.

Behringer 2500

The original ARP 2500 features 15 modules covering all the bases: VCOs, filters, envelope generators, modulators, sample & hold, sequencer, and more. The original, beloved by many (Jean Michel Jarre, Pete Townshend, Vangelis, Vince Clarke) did not use patch cables but a big color-coded pin matrix.

Unfortunately, the Behringer clone will not have that. It is developed for the Eurorack system and thus has audio/CV inputs and outputs on the front panel. You can see that in the first photos. We can see the following modules: 1004 (oscillator), 1003 (dual envelope), 1005 (mod amp), 1006 (filter amp), 1016 (noise/random generator), 1027 (clock sequential control), 1033 (dual DADSR), 1036 (sample & hold), 1047 (filter) & 1050 (mix sequencer)

Behringer 2500

AMSynths Partnership

In order to realize this project, Uli Behringer took another developer in the boat, AMSynths from the UK. He wrote on the webpage:

In June 2019 I joined forces with Behringer to design analog synthesizers that will be manufactured in China and sold to customer across the world. I am working on three projects which Behringer will announce when they are ready. The first is the ARP 2600 replica which I helped design and test using the new workshop which I had built in 2018.

The next project will probably be the ARP 2500 replica in Eurorack format. Here AMSynths already has a few replicas in its own portfolio, so he knows exactly how to build this synthesizer. One thing is certain, it will remain exciting at Behringer. It is not yet known when these modules will come out

Behringer 2500 modules

Behringer ARP 2500 clone availability & price: TBA

More information will follow: Behringer

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  1. Are these actual, physical modules or photoshop images? I can’t tell. If they’re real, there is hope we will see them sooner than later. “tool made samples” or whatever. I hope so! They look amazing! Beautifully vintage looking. I like the knobs. Really glad it’s modular format because it’s open-ended. If I had one critique: make the screw holes wider.

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