Black Corporation, A Japanese Synthesizer Company That Makes Replicants

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On Superbooth 19, I had the opportunity to talk to Bob of Black Corporation. The Tokyo-based company is headed by Roman Filippov, who has already developed Eurorack modules under the brand Sputnik Modular. With his new company, he goes other ways and builds desktop/rack Synthesizer.

Among other things, they become known through the Deckard’s Dream, a polyphonic analog Synthesizer with digital control (presets…) that is based heavily on the Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer.

Deckard's Dream


Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream Sound Demo

Already last Superbooth (2018), the company has presented the Kijimi, another polyphonic analog Synthesizer with a special operation. Kijimi is heavily inspired by the vintage Polykobol (not a clone) and has a modular operation without using patch cables.

Same as the Deckard’s Dream, it offers modern features like presets, MPE support and more.

Black Corporation Kijimi

Black Corporation Kijimi Sound Demo

They are currently working so hard that they already introduced the third new Synthesizer at NAMM 2019. The Xerxes is another polyphonic analog Synthesizer based on the legendary Elka Synthex.

What’s different here: the Xerxes is initially not a rack-mounted Synthesizer but a desktop/tabletop unit. But you can transform it into a rack if you want.

Black Corporation Xerxes

Black Corporation Xerxes Sound Demo

We already know Deckard’s Dream, Kijimi and Xerxes. What was more interesting to me, who is Black Corporation, why they develop such Synthesizers, how the DIY community works or why they describe them as replicants and not clones.

Answers to all questions and many others can be found in my Superbooth 19 video with Bob from Black Corporation.

More information here: Black Corporation 

Available here

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