Eternal Engine Apparatus, New Russian Duophonic Vacuum Tube Synthesizer

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The Russian manufacturer Eternal Engine shows with the Apparatus a bass-oriented two-oscillator Synthesizer that is fully-loaded with tubes 

We have seen many new Eurorack modules in the past days but rather not desktop synths. However, we can rely on Russian developers and save the SB20 HE with a new synth. Eternal Engine has today released Apparatus, a new uniquely designed Synthesizer. It’s duophonic and offers an audio path that is completely based on vacuum- and gas-filled radio tubes. These are controlled by a modern ARM core, which according to the developer ensures the stability of characteristics and instant response to the artist’s manipulations.

The synthesis is relatively simple: 2 VCOs, filter, single envelope & LFO, and amplifier with built-in overdrive. The most worthwhile thing about this new synthesizer is the built-in tubes that provide a very saturated and fat sound. Sonically, Apparatus is reminiscent of a TB-303 style bass Synthesizer but warmer and fat thanks to the tubes.

Eternal Engine Apparatus


  • Kenoton rectifier power supply
  • Audio path based entirely on radio tubes
  • Two independent thyratron oscillators with quartz frequency stabilization, which ensures frequency accuracy throughout the entire operating range
  • Voltage-controlled second-order vactrol filter with the possibility of self-oscillation and overdrive
  • Voltage-controlled amplifier, based on the traditional schematic of tube opto compressors
  • Triode asymmetric overdrive
  • Velocity-sensitive ADSR envelope generator with two trigger modes
  • MIDI Clock synchronizable low-frequency oscillator with retrigger option and smooth waveform morphing: saw-triangle-reverse saw in triangle mode or pulse width modulation in square wave mode, sample & hold
  • Auto and continuous modes of portamento / legato
  • Monophonic and duophonic mode
  • Powerful headphone amplifier, compatible with low impedance load
  • Analogue VU meter

Eternal Engine Apparatus is available now for $1899 USD.

More information here: EE

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