Pittsburgh Modular Updates Lifeforms SV-1b Modular Analog Synth

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Pittsburgh Modular is bringing back its fat-sounding Lifeforms SV-1 east-cost modular analog synthesizer in an updated SV-1B in black.

Besides the new beautiful black/grey front panel, they have made a countless number of small tweaks and adjustments to the original SV-1 synthesis engine to improve the stability and functionality of the SV-1b. The sound is what matters, and this is still the East Coast analog monster to beat.

SV-1b features two oscillators (FM, sync…), dual mixer, filter, envelope generator, LFO, VCA, built-in MIDI to CV interface, arpeggiator, and more. So everything that a good synth voice must have

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1b

The original Lifeforms SV-1 eurorack format synthesizer module is legendary for its deep, analog sounds capable of pumping out everything from roaring bass and cutting leads to absolute chaos. The SV-1b shares this same bold, powerful core while fine tuning the details.

The Lifeforms SV1b is available as a module that can be mounted in a Eurorack case, perfect as a powerful voice. It is also available in the SV-1b Blackbox edition and is a complete, standalone desktop version.

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1b is available now for $599 (Eurorack module) or for $699 in a standalone version.

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