Superbooth 19: Syntonovo PAN Synthesizer First Look: A Hybrid Engine With The Focus On Expressive Sounds

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At Superbooth 19, Felix of Syntonovo presented the final version of the PAN Synthesizer. PAN is a hybrid Synthesizer that fuses analog and digital synthesis features in one instrument. The sound is provided by 8 analog oscillators with various shapes, noise generators, and ring modulation. These oscillators are supported by 4 analog format filters with lowpass, highpass, and bandpass characteristics. Since all the 4 filters are formant filters, PAN can also create vocal similar sounds.

PAN has a modular architecture that allows you to design very flexible sounds. It’s also here where the digital section of the synths starts. It doesn’t have a fixed number of envelopes or LFO’s because it gives the user the freedom of how many modulators he wants to use in a patch. So a patch can have 10 or 80 LFO’s or envelopes. With the help of a big screen and a lot of knobs in a new design, the user can go very deep in the sound programming.

Syntonovo PAN

A highlight is a super expressive keyboard and keybed. Similar to an MPE-capable keyboard, parameters can be mapped to X Y Z spheres and manipulated directly on the keyboard. How the technology works is not known but according to the developer, it’s more accurate than MPE since it is analog. Further, there are touch strips on the left and right side which replace classic mod wheels and offers you another way to modulate parameters. Here is a list of the included features:


  • 8 analog oscillators
  • analog and digital noise generators
  • ring modulation
  • 4 analog formant filters with lowpass, bandpass, highpass characteristics
  • modular routing
  • near unlimited digital envelopes and LFO’s (10, 20, 80, …)
  • FX inserts
  • CV out
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru and USB-MIDI
  • monophonic, duophonic, paraphonic, polyphonic over MIDI
  • keybed with expressive control on the X, Y, and Z.

A limited edition of PAN will be produced in small batches and shipped in the order of our waitlist. Prospective buyers will be sent a notice and order confirmation and upon their acknowledgment receive a pro forma invoice for a 40% deposit of the introductory list price of 3995 Euros. Estimated release date: Q3 / Q4 2019 

More information here: Syntonovo

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