Recovery Effects Bad Comrade V3, A 4HP Module For Glitched Delays, Distortions & More

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Recovery Effects gives us a “triforce” experimental effects processor module called Bad Comrade V3 for $99 that can create glitches, delays, distortions and everything in between

The market for classic effect modules (delay, reverb…) seems to be getting saturated when you look at it. So it’s nice to see that there are also effect modules that take an experimental path like the Bad Comrade V3 from the US-based company Recovery Effects.

BC is a 4HP module that doesn’t cover the bread & butter sounds. It’s unique and includes three different effects in one module: glitch, delay, and a chaotic tool that forms a very unpredictable effect processor for the Eurorack world. It’s capable to add broken textures, glitches, raw distortions to haunting echoes. It’s a great module for dirty or industrial oriented sounds.

Recovery Effects Bad Comrade V3

According to the developers, you can freeze wrecked blips and oscillations in place, create scrambled gated delays, and straight-up over-the-top distortion, all mixed to taste with the original signal. Not everyone will like the module, especially because the sound is very dirty, but if you want to discover the dark depths of crazy sounds, this is the place for you.

DivKid looked at the module and created very interesting results

Sound Demos

The module includes CV inputs for the mix & delay time and mono in & out. There are three knobs available for mix, glitch & time, and a big red push button for the freezer. The design of the module is rounded off with a Triforce logo, a character that is known from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda video game. Here it probably stands for the three effects of the module.

Recovery Effects Bad Comrade V3 is available now for $99 USD.  The modules are hand-wired in Seattle (WA) and include a limited lifetime warranty.

More information here: RE

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