Electro Faustus Intros EF209 Drone King, New 6 Oscillator Drone Synthesizer

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Electro Faustus Drone King is a new experimental, 6 oscillator drone synth in pedal format designed for evolving drones and textures.

There is something new from the experimental corner. Electro Faustus, the developer of the Theremorph Synthesizer has introduced Drone King, a successor of the original Drone Thing. Like the original, Drone King features six oscillators but not in series but split into two banks of 3 oscillators each.

They offer individual pitch controls, the amount of LFO as well as the speed of each LFO. There is also the option to control the volume as well as advanced filter, and resonance controls too. At first glance a relatively simple synthesis engine: 2×3 oscillators, LFOs, and filters. However, it is well playable and can create evolving drones.

Electro Faustus Drone King

Unfortunately, there is no effect processor onboard. However, it includes a thru jack and an output, so the Drone King can be seamlessly integrated into your pedalboard.

Congratulations to the designers, this unique drone synth in pedal format look very nice and smart with the blue and white interface. Unfortunately, there is no more information about this instrument. The developer doesn’t share a lot of details about it.

Drone King Sound Demo

Electro Faustus Drone King is available now for $249,95 USD.

More information here: EF

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