Superbooth 19: AEMIT System 7.5 Features 10 New Versatile Modules From Belgium

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Superbooth 19 showed that Belgians can not only make delicious beer and waffles, but also nice and good-sounding modules. One of these is AEMIT, a young company which has introduced the System 7.5 which features in total 10 new Eurorack modules.

These range from 0scillators, filters, envelopes, LFO and more. All modules follow the same concept: a clear design with a lot of voltage-control access.

Aemit System 7.5 Eurorack

Press Release

No less than ten different modules (listed below) will be shown in our System 7.5, a 104HP powered skiff with two rows of 3U and one utility strip of 1.5U, the latter being a new subframe standard as proposed by AEMIT. While the AEMIT name might be new to the outside world, we actually built our first one-off modular synthesizer in 1982, which is still in operation today. Its main principles of no-compromise functionality and outstanding usability are carried over to the new Eurorack system, in development since 2017.

AEMIT modules conform to a WYSIWYG single-function design, with a strong focus on voltage-controlled access to all possible parameters, a very wide operational range, and convenience of use. Our no-nonsense approach to synthesis is built upon decades of experience in both soft- and hardware development and user-interface design. Though rather conventional in looks — not necessarily a bad thing, the AEMIT experience offers extraordinary possibilities with unique functionality not available anywhere else, inviting the intrepid musician to “boldly go where no synthesist has gone before”…

System 7.5 Features

  • VCO II – Your daily workhorse analog Oscillator and LFO, with generous in- and outputs.
  • Variphase – Variable Phase Oscillator and LFO, with variable waveform, pitch & phase per output (5).
  • EVC Filter – 4-pole 24dB/Oct State Variable Filter, with voltage control over Fc, Q, Slope & State.
  • EVC+ – Expander to the EVC, linking two EVCs and adding voltage control over Routing.
  • Quadsum A – Four-channel voltage-controlled Audio Mixer & polarizer, with optional 3dB gain (soft-clipped).
  • Quadsum L – Identical to the -A version, adjusted for linear CV duties.
  • QS+ – Expander for both Quadsum, turning them into full-blown quad VCA’s, and adding VC-Summing.
  • Two Gates – Dual analog VCA, one of which has voltage control over its Response.
  •  Two LFOs – Innovative dual wide-ranged VC-LFO, with extensive syncing & tracking possibilities, and div/mult clocking.
  •  Fluxus – Variable Slope Multistage Transient Generator, with optional self-cycling, and voltage control over Timings.
  • 1.5U Utility Strips offer clever 3-trunk multiples, buffered mults, 3-ch Mixers with offset, Inverters, Polarizers, dual LFOs, vc-Slew generator, stepped & smooth Random generator, and an AD Envelope. The additional Exit module takes care of line level outputs with signal/overload indicators, headphone output, and a handy Mute switch.

The AEMIT modules will be available by mid Summer 2019, other follow-up modules will be released in Autumn 2019. The System 7.5 skiff with built-in 1.5U Utility Strips and superior power management is expected to be released by year’s end.

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