Behringer CRAVE Synthesizer: First Look: Fat Sound, Versatile Patching Options, Built-In Sequencer For Just 149€

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Although Behringer did not have a booth at the NAMM 2019, they once again presented one of the Synthesizer highlights during this fair. Similar to last year with the Neutron announcement, they crashed the fair again. The CRAVE is a new super portable analog Synthesizer based on a single 3340 chip (Prophet 5 or Neutron) as well as a Ladder filter, one ADS envelope and LFO.

On top of this, it comes with a built-in arpeggiator (8 modes), sequencer (32 steps with ratcheting, memory for sequences…) and a huge patch bay over the control panel. From sound shaping points (FM…), sequencer to utility functions, here’s a lot on board. The whole package will be available later this year for 149€/$199  a very low price considering what you get here from the features.

Behringer Crave Synthesizer

At this year’s TSR19 (Thomann’s Synth Reactor) event, there was the possibility to check out the CRAVE. Because I could not look at the CRAVE during NAMM, I took advantage of this opportunity and invited Stephen from the YouTube Channel Noire Et Blanc Vie to check out the unit for the first time.

Quick impressions from prototype so far

  • Pro: fat and beefy sound especially due to the Prophet 5 and Ladder filter combo, great knob feeling, tons of CV possibilities, lightweight case but sturdy
  • Contra: sequencer is very menu/shift driven and the clicky key buttons are only suboptimal, I would connect always a MIDI keyboard.

What Behringer offers here for 149€/$199 is impressive: great sounding mini-synth with tons of patching options, a very useful sequencer, compact format and super affordable. Really enjoy this kind of news from B. than all announced clones. The CRAVE is hard to resist and will be pretty sure a massive success.

Behringer CRAVE will be available in 2019 for a price of 149€/$199. Release date: TBA.

More information here: Behringer

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