NPD Is A New Phase Distortion Synthesizer For iOS With AUv3 Support

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Nikolozi has released NPD, a new phase distortion Synthesizer for iOS with AUv3 support. It features 3 oscillators (shape & harmonic controls), a noise oscillator, 2 filters, 3 envelopes, 2 LFO’s and different effects. All this is built-in an easy-to-use interface that comes with many factory presets.

NPD Phase Distortion Synthesizer


NPD is an intuitive phase distortion Synthesizer with a streamlined interface. It works as an Audio Unit extension (AUv3) inside host applications such as AUM, Auria Pro, Cubasis, GarageBand and NanoStudio.


  • 3 oscillators with shape and harmonic controls
  • Noise oscillator
  • 2 filters with routing options
  • 3 envelopes with adjustable level, time and curve parameters
  • 2 flexible stereo LFOs
  • Fully featured modulation matrix
  • All signal paths are stereo. This allows complex stereo modulations
  • Build-in effects: distortion, phaser, chorus, delay
  • Voice modes: monophonic, polyphonic, legato, glide
  • Preset management inside the app
  • Numeric pad for entering parameter values precisely

Nikolozi NPD Phase Distortion Synthesizer is available now for $19.99 USD for iPad on the Apple App Store

More information here: NPD

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