Yonac Trooper, new virtual analog AUv3 Synthesizer for iOS with extra juice

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Yonac releases Trooper, a new high quality VA Synthesizer for iOS (AUv3) aka the “synth explosion” for thick basses, buttery leads, feathery pads

I took my first small steps in the music tech media world in the iOS world. At that time the app world was still young, without AUv3 but Audiobus and many talented developers released their first music apps on the market. The Yonac developers caught my eye early on and have been supporting me with their releases ever since.

For example, the miniSynth 2 or Magellan, were two high-quality apps at that time. iOS evolved and so did Yonac Apps. They became even more powerful, sounded better and better, and also have the AUv3 standard. Because of this long-time user relationship, I am very happy to see that Yonac has today released Trooper, another Synthesizer for iOS.

Yonac Trooper

Yonac Trooper

Trooper is a new virtual analog Synthesizer (mono/12-voice poly) that tries to offer simplicity, immediacy as well as the character of analog synths (creaminess, punch…) in one easy-to-use app. But also paired with new clear ideas. Yonac promises “thick basses, buttery leads, feathery pads…”.  That sounds like a lot of analog-style fun.

The core consists of two multi-wave oscillators with classic volume and tuning controls. There is a third oscillator that can be an additional sound source or an audible LFO for advanced modulations. Perfect for FM sounds. Plus, you get a pink/white noise generator to achieve a wider range of sounds like pads, percussion, or just as a character adder.

Then, the signal flows in a section where you find a self-oscillating capable filter with usual controls (cutoff, track, resonance…) and a dedicated ADSR envelope. This way you don’t have to sacrifice the main envelope for the filter, giving you more flexibility.

Yonac Trooper

To refine your sounds, Trooper has unique texturizer effect that is capable of a wide range of modulaton effects: chorus, flanging, variable comb, resonant delay, and stereo imaging. It also includes flexible BPM-syncable two-tap delay with a darker tuned character.

Besides the filter envelope, you find on Trooper’s modulation side another ADSR envelope (VCA) and a non-audible multi-wave LFO with BPM syncng plus key tracking. Its output is controllable via the mod wheel, velocity, or aftertouch. Trooper features an arpeggiator powered by five algorithms with option to set the note values, octave range, and gate.

Unique Twists

The feature set so far could be that of 50 other VA synths on iOS. But Yonac has come up with some nice tweaks to make the whole thing more exciting. According to Yonac, some parameters internally interact with each other to get more richer tones:

For example, the oscillator volumes —beyond just acting as mere blend knobs— vary the characteristics of the basic signal depending on how far they are “pushed”. The emphasis is on providing warm and round basic tones with lots of variable harmonic content.

Another unique feature is the Esprit parameter that infuses some Trooper special sauce. This engine also works in conjunction with the other parameters to elicit even more juice and fullness from the engine. What is hidden behind it is not known, but it could be a mixture of different effects, voice stacking or so.


Communication with other apps is important for every new app. Yonac has installed everything you know and yes, the app is also an AUv3 synth. So you can use it in multiple instances:

  • MPE support
  • MIDI CC (learn) with sharing option
  • Bluetooth MIDI
  • AUv3 support

Yonac ships Trooper with over 250 ready-to-use presets and the YPAT2 system helps you to manage your sounds with save, catalog and share functions. Cool, the standalone app also offers a tapedeck to record your ideas.

Doug from Sound Test Room already has a big sound demo online.

Trooper sounds excellent and has full of character and juice. Yes, it is another virtual analog synth for iOS. One can ask how many VAs we still need on iOS. Maybe never enough because each app has its own character and apps keep getting better at the sound. I’m glad Yonac is back with a new release. I hope Yonac will make the app available for macOS as well.

Yonac Trooper is available now for an introductory price of $6,99 USD and runs on iPad/iPhone as a standalone app and AUv3 plugin.

More information here: AppStore 

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