Circuit Happy The Missing Link Brings Ableton Link To The Analog World!

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One of the best innovations of recent years in music tech, Ableton Link, a technology that keeps devices in time over a wireless network. Many apps on iOS have been using this synchronization technique for some time. It has already started in hardware as well. In the Eurorack area, you can find the Spink0 module that brings Ableton Link to modular Synthesizers.

Recently it is also possible to work with classic hardware Synthesizers and Link. Circuit Happy’s The Missing Link is a hardware device that lets you sync your analog gear & apps via Ableton Link. The latest software update features MIDI clock that allows you to host any class-compliant USB MIDI interface.

The Missing Link


The Missing Link brings Ableton Link to the analog world. Connect The Missing Link’s clock output to your rack of modular synths. Plug in a class-compliant USB MIDI interface and start sending MIDI clock to your drum machines. Now it is effortless to get jamming with iOS music apps and synchronize with DJ and VJ software that support Ableton Link.


  • Ableton Link 3.0 integration for wireless sync with compatible devices with start or stop in sync
  • Built-in web interface for easily connecting to your WiFi network
  • Adjustable delay compensation
  • Easy setup over WiFi
  • 5V clock output with user-settable PPQN (pulses per quarter note)
  • 5V pulse output at the start of the loop
  • Push encoder for editing user settings
  • Tap tempo for quickly setting the tempo
  • Built on a Raspberry Pi Zero W platform
  • Open source software and hardware designs

The Missing Link is available now for $200 USD from the official website. If you are from the EU, the developer recommends ordering directly from Schneidersladen for 209€ for avoiding extra shipping fees.

More information here: The Missing Link 

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