AudioTexture By Le Sound Is A Self-Acting Soundscape Creation Tool For PC & Mac

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Drones, soundscapes and textures are among my favourite sounds. They directly fill a room and sound amazing. Now there is a tool that creates this sounds automatically. Le Sound, a developer for music software specially designed for gaming released today AudioTexture that is based on “concatenative synthesis”.

This analyze automatically the sound signal and decomposes it into adaptively defined units (not equal in size, so not the usual granular synthesis) for resynthesis. It is equipped with semantic descriptors for intuitive control to generate many variations from a given sound sample.


There are enormous creative possibilities with AudioTexture: use one simple sound and generate layered sounds with multiple instances of AudioTexture, or use several sound files with multiple instances of AudioTexture to compose a sound scene. AudioTexture works best for static sound textures or well-defined transient sound events but you can try with any sounds and the results may surprise you. Since it generates infinitely variations from a given sound, you can use it as a time-stretching effect for sound textures.

Main Features
  • Automatic unit analysis
  • Position and descriptor control
  • Range control for randomization

AudioTexture comes with 3 descriptor controls in additional to the position control. This is convenient to create various unit sequences based on perceptually meaningful descriptors:

  • Energy: Instantaneous energy.
  • Noisiness: The amount of high-frequency content.
  • Brightness: The spectral energy center, higher the value brighter the sound.

It allows to generate infinitely sounds, variations without tedious manual editing.

It is available at 149€ for perpetual license and in different subscription models starting from 8€/month for Le Sound Bundle.

More information here: Le Sound 

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